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Monday, September 03, 2012

Surprise! I'm back.
It's been quite a long while since I last posted. To be very honest, I miss my being here. Lots of other things that happened in one's life that one tends to forget, no not that word, but, to miss out a part of oneself that's integral to one's being. And that exactly how I felt moments ago. Especially when  some friends ask me what had happened to "Mr. Callcenter Boy", I often said to them he's currently on vacation indefinitely in a remote island paradise. LOL!

And right now, "he" is back today. Postings might be not that frequent but I'm sure not on very very long intervals.

Till next time!
The Callcenter Boy

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

And the Verdict would be...

  1. "Public Service should not basically be just a birthright or as simplistic as a career change but rather, should be a worthy, noble burden or life's mission that one should carry on one's shoulders wherever he/she may go."

    The impeachment trial of the Chief Justice is ongoing as I type this. Whatever the verdict, this should be the beginning of Change for my beloved country, the Philippines. 

    I'm all for change!
    The Callcenter Boy

Friday, May 18, 2012

Please pass this on. (A daughter's search for her biological father.)

Amid the expected greetings from friends and family(and online marketers too!) and the constant posting of everyone's pictures on Facebook, one can really say, "Is there anything a little more profound than all these?" Just a day or two ago, I was taken by this lady's post on one of my Facebook pages' wall, the Pagadian Tricycle. And right now, I feel I am on a mission to share this message. 

Please pass this on. Share it on any social networking website, whatever you think very effective. I believe in the power of this wondrous invention that is the Internet as a tool for us to help others in any way we can, especially this lady whom I assume is now living in Germany, as she has a German-sounding location (seems to me, but I could be wrong). She personally doesn't know me, she might even had just chanced upon my page while browsing about anything else online, and perhaps she might just even decided at last moment's notice to post this message as an afterthought of something very different. Although she obviously doesn't have any other detailed information about her father, I am optimistic that well-meaning individuals would get in touch with her so she can gather some bits and pieces of the puzzle as this message gets on around. 

And going forward, I would be more than happy to know how her story ends. I just hope her father is still alive and well enough to meet her. I have faith that eventually her wish would come true. And she needs all our help to fulfill it.

God bless everyone!

The Callcenter Boy

Sunday, April 29, 2012

As real as Real Estate

I have been quite busy these days, reason why I am not able to blog as often as I can and want to. It's not because of my being a call-boy, it is of a totally different field: real estate. I have just recently realized that this "personal craze", as I call it ( and admittedly, I have had taken granted of, especially since my mom sort of nagged me to be involved in it a few years back) is just about the most lucrative and stimulating thing I've indulged in so far!

I already have learned so much for the first few months since I started, most importantly on laws governing real estate ownership in the Philippines. It is really very important for me to know that a foreigner cannot own land in the Philippines, especially since a significant number of inquiries are coming from foreigners who married Filipinas. But they can own the house on which land should be legally "owned" by his Filipina wife. On the other hand, foreigners can own condominium unit themselves though, according to The Condominium Act of the Philippines, R.A. 4726.

Aside from it being in line with my finished degree, (which is Architecture by the way), it serves my need on a higher level: the satisfaction I get when given the chance to help people find what's the best home for them, or investment for that matter, if they're of the entrepreneur kind. And that somehow makes me a part of their lives too. Just being contented to imagine that whenever they, at any day, sit in a corner of their house/condo/office unit, they might remember the person who helped them get the very nice place they are living/working/doing business in right now. <Smiles>

Till next time.
The Callcenter Boy

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What's bad is also delicious!

Crustaceans have always been one of my favorite food. The natural umami-ness of this food group of the Class Crustacea of the Phylum Arthropoda(let's get to be a bit more academic sometimes, LOL!) gets me into something short of an orgasm of the senses; these delicious, juicy, salty-sweet crustaceans makes my mouth water everytime I think of them.   BUT there's one thing and one important thing at that, I am ALLERGIC to these gastronomic creatures.<sniff> I can eat any other kinds of seafoods without any problem though.

I can recall I was not even allergic to any of them when I was a child; along the way it just happened. Well I guess one of the weirdest things in nature, i.e. cancer cells, black holes and other watchamacallits. <chuckles> I still eat prawns, crabs though, who couldn't resist them?! But I always have medication on hand just in case, you know. It could kill me. The allergy could constrict my air passages and suffocate me. I know it's just about the lamest way to die. <Laughs> But again, who can resist them? 

Till next time... Care for a Crustacean Treat? <smiles>

The Callcenter Boy

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

An Ordinary Day

I had gone to work at 12midnight last night, as usual. Got the routine calls, with a completely unique or difficult call from time to time. Had gone on break, as per schedule as usual. Took my lunch a bit behind schedule due to a long  but engaging call with a nice grandma, very much a lady in her own right, from somewhere in the Southwest. Got out of the office at about past nine-o-clock in the morning. Nothing extra-ordinary. Walked the same route I take everyday. The sun was just about getting hotter by then. Went home. Eat some bread, cheese, tuna; drank my favorite choco drink. Some friends, officemates texted, greeted. My mom and younger brother also texted. A friend called, then greeted, talked about some other things. Some time after that, my brother and mom called. Then the same greetings again. Asked how I was; some other things discussed. Said goodbyes.
Now I'm in front of my laptop on the desk typing this blog. Later on I'll be answering inquiries about some real estate for sale online. The usual things. In an hour or two, I would be resting, maybe read a book then go to sleep; I still have work later. As usual.

Just like any other ordinary day except for the fact that today is my birthday.

The Callcenter Boy.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

I'm Back

It's been a while since I had last indulged myself in writing; been very busy lately with other things. It is really good to be back!

I will write more on my next post.